If you generate passive income instead, you do the work up front to create something that will generate cash flow all the time. For example, if you research properties and invest in a house that you can rent out, it takes time and creativity up front. Once you rent the property out, you can do what you wish and money continues to flow in from rental income. There are many businesses you can run that will generate passive income. You do have to learn some basic business skills to change your life this way, but it’s important! It is not difficult to learn how to do it! Many of us don’t have stability in our finances because we aren’t educated about financial issues. Here we will give you the basic concepts about active and passive income so you can shift gears and have a better life! Within a small time frame, you will have the financial education you need and then you can build the life you have always wanted. Some people will tell you that it is very easy to make passive income overnight and get rich easily. The truth is that it is not easy and it does not happen overnight, it takes a lot of hard work, but it is NOT impossible! “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!”  

For living everyday life money plays a necessary role. Money may not be everything, but you need a certain amount of it to survive. If you have more money, you will generally be able to better provide for yourself and your family. To do this effectively, you need more education about finances. To start you off right, consider this: we can break down income types a little further and there are 3 main types:  

*Active Income: Based on exactly the time you spend earning money.  
*Passive Income: Income that is automatically generated after you set up a method to earn.  
*Residual Income: After you create something, you gain income from it or it gives you continual cash flow in the form of royalties, subscription fees or similar regular returns.  

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