Every day we face difficulties while we finish school and try to find work or a job. School doesn’t teach us a lot about how to earn money or manage finances. There are some basic academic lessons about money management, but not enough to prepare most of us to generate serious income. After school you face real life and in real life, it’s so difficult to have a better life that gives us excellent financial freedom. If you are lucky enough to get a job with a high salary, that seems good at first, but its false security. Think about this: If you earn only based on the time you spend working, you are basically selling the knowing the gained in school and getting paid based on active time spent. Is that what you want to get out of all the years you spent in school? What will happen if you lose your job or want to retire? How can you change your outlook and your financial future?    

  Passive income and how to change your financial future:  

Let’s talk about passive income alongside right and wrong concepts of living. If you work for an hour and you earn a wage for that hour, the money stops when you stop working. Then you pay high taxes on the little you earned and you get even less. This is called active income because you only earn while you are actively working every moment. Instead, passive income provides you income while you invest little to no time working. You don’t need to be in a hurry to make a lot of money at once. You want to take the time to build your business right so you can bring in steady passive income over time. While money is very important, it isn’t everything. You cannot buy knowledge or health. You can spend money to help you gain knowledge and improve your health, but there is no amount of money that will guarantee that you will have a high quality of life. Your TIME is even more valuable than money itself. You can use your time to learn more, to exercise, to eat better, to spend time with family or friends and more. That time spent will bring you true quality of life. If you can earn passive income, you can make money while you enjoy the rest of your time doing those important things in life!

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