Become investor:

Yes! you can become an investor to generate passive income, instead of confusing what to do!

One of the main source of food is meat and egg and now a days most are not organic, so you can invest in a farm where its raising as organic. Its healthy and better than artificial. Organic food always keep health good and fit and in Europe Germany has always big market.

Why you invest in Germany: First Class Infrastructure, Safe, well structured, strong market control, and valued consumer.

Investment project 1: Poultry:
Total capital 25000, minimum share 500 Euro

This investment plan is in Germany and you can be an investor by installment also. Its bit expensive but at the end all farm become profitable and stable source of income.

Initial list of activities:

Arrange farmland.
Shed building.
3000 birds as start up.
Daily basis take care.
Market and sell from own shop.

Investment project 2: Textile:
Total capital 25000 Euro, minimum share 500 Euro

Minimum share 500 Euro and monthly installment 3-6 months.

Germany has huge textile market, so it has good future of business. Initial investment also low.

Initial list of activities:

Warehouse or shop, 3 months security payment and one month rent = 1500 + 500 = 2000 Euro's
Initial product will be collected with 75% cost and repayment system.
Retail sell
Regular maintenance
Cost accounting projection monthly

For more information please write an email to talk and get details.

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