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Health is most important and prime need of us to keep it fit and healthy. Drinking enough water to keep water balance in body and protect kidney, avoid oil spicy fried food to avoid disease like IBS, tooth problem, Ulcer etc. Eat more fresh vegetable and fruit. Human stomach is not made to eat cooked food, as much you eat natural food health will be more safe.


HEMORRHOID: Radish repair cell which is damage, naturally cure hemorrhoid you need to eat ( 3 times in a day and 3-6 months) a lot fresh vegetable and Raddish and don't eat oil and fried any food.


TOOTH: To protect tooth naturally Ginger is good source of nutrient. Chew raw ginger regular and clean tooth minimum twice good practice for tooth. Increase raw and fresh food e.g.: lemon water, vitamin C enrich food is good. Most people face tooth problem if you little care you can have healthy teeth always.

Health tips:

Health is the normal condition of a person who is the right of his life. Healthy relationship with natural laws that govern the body, soul, and environment in the form of fresh air, sunshine, balanced diet, work, rest, sleep, relax, cleanliness and thoughts, habits and a good lifestyle. The World Health Organization (WHO) makes a universal definition stating that a healthy sense is a state of physical, mental, and social well-being that is a whole and not just free from disease or disability. WHO healthy definition is presented by this is an ideal situation, from the biological, physiological, and social so that a person can perform activities optimally. The WHO's healthy definition contains three characteristics:

1. Reflects attention to the individual as a human being
2. Looks healthy in the context of the internal environment and external.
3. Healthy is defined as a creative and productive life.

Health is not a condition but is an adjustment, and not a state but a process and is meant by the process here is an individual adaptation that is not only to their physical but to the social environment. WHO's healthy definition is "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of diseases or infirmity". According to WHO, there are three important components that constitute a unity in a healthy definition that is:

1. Healthy Physical
2. Mental Healthy
3. Healthy Spiritual

Physically health:

Physically health is the main component in the meaning of full health, shaped human figure who looks clean skin, luminous eyes, neatly combed hair, wear tidy clothes, muscular, not fat, breath no smell, good appetite, sleep well, nimble and all the benefits of physiology normal road body.

There are some experts to give a sense of physical health as follows: healthy physical is the ability of a person to perform their daily tasks easily, without excessive fatigue, and still have the rest or reserves of energy to enjoy his spare time and for immediate needs. Another sense of physical health is that if the coordination of the organs of the human body or other living things in a stable or normal state. In other words physical health can also be defined as the ability to perform tasks well even in difficult circumstances, where people who lack physical fitness, will not be able to do it.

A healthy person will live a harmonious, harmonious, and balanced life. A healthy person will do everything with maximum and perfect. A person who is physically healthy can also work and produce works or work that is maximal, good and good.

1. Healthy Physical Function:

Physically healthy has a very important function for one's life in performing daily activities. Healthy physical work to improve the ability of work for anyone who has it so it can perform its duties optimally to get better results.

2. How to Improve Physical Health:

For the improvement and maintenance of physical fitness can not be separated from the physical exercise that foster the balance of physical fitness. To nurture or maintain a healthy body, one way is to do physical exercise or physical exercise. An exercise intended to improve physical fitness must be done according to certain rules or ways. This is also related to the type of physical activity that is divided into several types, namely activities that are aerobic (exercise that requires oxygen) and activities that are anaerobic (exercise that does not require oxygen), and that depends on the skills

3. Component of Physical Fitness:


Strength is the ability to use muscles to receive occasional work. Muscle strength can be achieved from high frequency exercise. We can train strength with lifting practice, if only could be lifted only 8-12 times. Examples of the exercises are as follows:

1. Squat leap, leg muscle and abdominal muscles.
2. push ups, arm muscle exercises.
3. sitting, the spirit of the abdominal muscles.
4. Lift, arm muscle exercises.
5. back up, abdominal exercises.


Endurance is the ability of a person in using the heart, lung, and blood circulation system effectively and efficiently to run the work continuously. In other words related to aerobic system in the process of fulfilling its energy. Exercise to train endurance is the opposite of strength training. Durability can be trained with low or small, but with a lot of frequency and in a long duration of time. Examples of exercises for endurance:

1. 2.4 km run.
2. run 12 minutes.
3. run multistage.
4. Lift with a light weight but with reps and many sets.
5. Run up and down the hill

Muscle Power:

Muscle strength is a person's ability to use the maximum power deployed in a short span of time. In other words related to the anaerobic system in the process of fulfilling its energy. Muscle power can also be called explosive power.

Exercises that can train explosive power that exercise fast or last as quickly as possible. Example:

1. vertical jump (jumping up), tensile strength of the legs.
2. front jump (forward jump), persistent limb power.
3. side jump (side jump), persistent limb power.


Speed is the ability of a person to work continuous movement in the same form with the shortest time. Speed is needed in a sport that relies heavily on speed, such as a 100m short run and a 200m short run. Speed in this case leads more to the speed of the leg muscles in work. Example of the exercise is

1. 50 m sprint
2. 100m sprint
3. 200m sprint


Bending power is a person's effectiveness in adjusting for all activities with extended body stretching. Example of the exercise: upperr Body Flexibility Exercises


Agility is the ability of a person to change position in a certain area, from front to back, from left to right or from side to side. Sports that rely on agility such as badminton. Agility can be trained with a fast run at very close range, then change direction. Example of the exercise is

1. Run zig-zag
2. run back and forth 5 m
3. Run back and forth 10 m
4. Run Number 8
5. combination of running back and forth with zig-zag run


Coordination is the ability of one to integrate different movements into a single pattern of movement effectively. Example of the exercise:
1. Throw a tennis ball into the wall with your right hand and then catch it again with your left hand.
2. Throw a tennis ball into the wall with your left hand and then catch it again with your right hand.
3. Throw up the tennis ball with your right hand, then catch it back with your left hand
4. Throw up the tennis ball with your left hand, then catch it back with your right hand


Balance is the ability of a person to control the nerves of the muscles so that the muscles can control the movements properly and correctly. Gymnastics is one of the sports that rely on balance. Example of the exercise is

1. walk on wooden beam as wide as 10 cm, along 10 m
2. stand with one foot on tiptoe
3. the body forms a ship-callus
4. candle attitude
5. standing with your hands as a body rest.


Accuracy is the ability of a person to control the free movements of a target. Football and basketball is a sport that requires good precision to insert the ball into the goal with the foot and insert the ball of the basket by hand. Example of the exercise:
1. Throw a tennis ball into the wall, before the wall has been targeted
2. To be more specific on the basketball branch is to practice putting the ball into the basket just below the ring
3. for soccer with practice kicking the ball into the goal guarded by a goalkeeper


Reaction is the ability of a person to act immediately in response to stimuli generated through the senses. Example of the exercise:
1. catch a tennis ball that is thrown right and left by others

Mental health:

Good mental health is a condition when our mind is in a state of tranquility and calm, allowing us to enjoy daily life and appreciate others around. A person with a healthy mind can use his or her potential to maximally face life challenges, and establish positive relationships with others. Conversely, people whose mental health is disturbed will experience mood disorders, thinking skills, and emotional control that can ultimately lead to bad behavior.
Mental illness can cause problems in everyday life, not only can damage interactions or relationships with others, but also can decrease work performance and productivity. The definition of healthy spiritual, that is to relate to one's heart or inner person. A person who is spiritually healthy means not hurt or has feelings of happiness. A healthy spiritual person will do everything positive, good, and useful. A person who is spiritually healthy will also help others and others who need help. There are several types of mental health problems and the following are the three most common types of conditions.


Stress is a state when a person experiences very heavy stress, both emotionally and mentally. Someone who is stressed will usually look nervous, anxious, and irritable. Stress can also interfere with concentration, reduce motivation, and in certain cases, trigger depression. Stress not only affects the psychology of the sufferer, but it can also affect the way they behave and their physical health.

Here is an example of the impact of stress on a person's behavior:
Being loners and reluctant to interact with others.
Reluctant to eat or eat excessively.
Angry, and sometimes it is difficult to control.
Being a smoker or smoking excessively.
Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.
Misuse of narcotic drugs.

The following are health problems that can arise from stress:

Sleep disturbance
Stomach ache
Chest pain
Muscle pain or strain
Decreased sexual arousal
Cardiac disorders

Anxiety Disorders:

Anxiety disorders are psychological conditions when a person experiences excessive anxiety constantly and difficult to control, thus adversely affecting his or her daily life. For some normal people, anxiety usually arises in a particular event, such as when they will face a test at school or job interview. But in people with anxiety disorders, this anxiety often arises in every situation. That's why people who experience this condition will be hard to feel relaxed from time to time. In addition to excessive anxiety or fear, other psychological symptoms that can arise in people with anxiety disorders are reduced confidence, become irritable, stressful, difficult to concentrate, and become a loner.

Meanwhile, the physical symptoms that may accompany the problem of anxiety disorders include:

Hard to sleep
Body shaking
Excessive sweating
Muscles become tense
Heart beat
Hard to breathe
Stomach or headache
The mouth is dry


Depression is a mood disorder that causes the sufferer to constantly feel sad. Unlike the usual sadness that lasts for several days, the sadness of depression can last for weeks or months. In addition to affecting feelings or emotions, depression can also cause physical problems, change the way of thinking, and change the way people behave. Not infrequently people with depression difficult to live daily activities normally. Even in certain cases, they can hurt themselves and try to kill themselves.

Here are some of the psychological symptoms of a depressed person:

Loss of interest or motivation to do something.
Constantly sad, even crying constantly.
Feeling very guilty and worried excessive.
Can not enjoy life because of loss of confidence.
Difficult decision making and irritability.
Indifferent to others.
Have thoughts to hurt yourself or commit suicide.

The following are the possible effects of depression on physical health:

Sleep and body disorders are weak.
Speak or move slower.
Changes in the menstrual cycle in women.
Libido drops and constipation appears.
Appetite decreases or increases drastically.
Feeling pain or pain without cause.

Spiritual health:

Spiritual healthy is a component of the addition to WHO's healthy sense and has a major meaning in the daily lives of the population. Individuals need formal or informal education, holiday opportunities, listening to music and songs, spirits such as religious lectures and others in order to maintain a dynamic, non-monotonous balance of souls.

A healthy spiritual is reflected in the way a person expresses gratitude, praise, trust and so on, to something outside the mortal world. In other words, spiritually healthy is the state of a person in worship and all his religious rules.

The health of spirituality is a state experienced by humans characterized by emotional reinforcement of a belief, resulting in the emergence of a peaceful, harmonious, and civilized feeling close to something "Holy". The need for this spirituality by Maslow is placed in the highest hierarchy above the needs of self-actualization. Because as a peak need, this phase of spirituality is often illustrated that when a person has attained the fulfillment of his spiritual needs, he is no longer sued for the needs of his ego.

Spirituality is related to the soul, and the soul is related to the state of self and the environment, so that the spirituality of spirituality has its ups and downs. There are several things that affect the spiritual health of a person, the environment. Because of these environmental factors as your true builder. Living environment there are many challenges and offers, and the choice of attitude taken determines the direction of your spiritual life formation.

Not all the fun offered in the life of the world has a good influence on spirituality. Free association and liquor can affect the stability of the spirit because it is related to the cognitive system (mind). If your mind is disturbed then it can happen your health problems. In such circumstances it takes some action to restore the functionality of the stability of the soul.

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