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Let's talk about passive income and wrong concept of living. Most we do work or job to earn money, when you earn money by spending time its called ACTIVE income = less money and spend much time and pay high tax. Passive income is which will provide you income without investing less time or no time at all. There are many ways to generate passive income, please do not be hurry to earn money at once, in life money is important but its not everything, without money you may also live, money cant buy everything: you cant buy knowledge, health by money ( may be you can spend money to get these!!! but not really you will get). Here I will talk about passive income and modify and update about it in time.


The main key point is that if you want to generate you have to have patience and start learning day by day, as like you went in school. School do not teach financial education thats the problem, most we do not have clear knowledge or experiences about passive income beside only thinking to get a good job! Well, in fact passive income is nothing but to sell something ( Its a business: in business there are many factor involves), if you write a small book and start selling online, people from all over the world may buy it and you will get income always if this effectively works ( you have to write this with having quality of information which must be effectively applicable for the user who will buy).


Here you will get some important passive income details and guideline to do it:


1. Write something and sell: / Sell your experiences which is your biggest asset you never knew!:


You have many friends and people you know, have you ever heard from anybody that told to you to sell your experiences that may change your life? Answer is NO!. Based of your experiences please try to write it in word and make correction and try selling it. Sell, Sell, Sell!!! People like to buy which is good in quality and information helpful for life. Do not be shy, lets start and make it as a book or pdf file, either sell online or sell offline. Once you write, its your properly for lifetime, someone will definitely read and buy! Keep trying. ( Do not look back, do not hear what people saying), take the step, and be confident.


In a job you sell time, and when you sell something it starts provide you passive income, your biggest asset is your experiences,please try to sell it as a written format with proper property right!!!




Types of professional life:


1. Employee: Pay higher tax. There is no change of life beside paying high tax and spend most time from life.

2. Freelancer: have freedom of time to work but not secure.

3. Business person: Hire great people to work for them.

4. Investor: are much smart, earn money by investing: many factors are involve to be an investor, however everybody is investor, either you investing time to earnor investing assess to grow passive income


Financial guide: Non academic education which you need to change your financial life.


passive income: its regular income from cash flow.


Understanding taxation: By Understanding you can avoid many taxes











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