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Online Earning Secrete: 11 Tips       

Nowadays, many people are using the internet to earn money and also work from home. Some are earning very well, but its very confusing to understand how people earn money from online. To earn money or do anything, it needs to follow some basic principles as to get attention, anything you want to do you need attention and people will pay attention while you talk or say or offer something that carry values. So, please read this article to get an overview about online earning:

Mainly you have to know and learn how to build up "multiple source of income", if you generate money from only one source its very dangerous hence those who doing job have life always busy! and followings are some steps that you can use online to do it.

TIP:01: Passion:

If you would like to engage yourself to earn money online, you must have passion of 3 key factors: (1) to read, (2) research and (3) to learn a regular basis. Earning money quickly is not possible at online, it needs time to grow your presence at the internet to be familiar and slowly your will earn money. Online earning is also one kind of creativity; so, your passion play key role to create your art for long-term basis to start earning.


Any who earning online or offline in real profession jobs or business, all these people actually spent a lot of time to learn and finally they discover secrete to earn money by creating value and educate themselves in "financial education" properly. You have to start learning and plan to implement your learning. Example: this platform has content that you are reading so it gets users, and the more user come in a platform it gets rank to monetize the website to earn at the end.

Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence-and How You Can, Too

TIP:03:Knowledge of Internet:

Online meaning it needs internet, so definitely you have to learn some basics about Internet, there are many online information says its easy to build website and start earning, this information not much supportive. Technology changes, so you need to know what exactly better to learn to start doing dynamic activities. You need to know about internet, web, email, blog, basics of the servers, basic security, social network, marketplace, news, educational websites, be familiar with Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. Well all these won't help you earn money automatic, based on your content you will get user and when user will trust, you can offer them quality of service or product and they will buy.

TIP:04: Website building:       FREE TUTORIAL

You need to learn some website development programming ( HTML, Java Script, CSS, BootStrap etc) but HTML is fine with CSS for nice website design. Your website should be simple and easy for the user to find information quickly. Once you learn building website, day by day you will increase your knowledge to make your website more dynamic for the user to use your website, and it will start having more traffic / user. You do not need to be expert but basics you should know that easily you can do something. Do not only keep learning, please start doing something, anything, just start it.

TIP:05: Responsive website:

Your website should be responsive, it should response in any device ( Mobile, Tablet, Desktop any thing) properly. You can also learn Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology. Its new technology enhance website to open in mobile faster. The responsive website also good but AMP in mobile open pages quickly, mobile user will feel much comfort to read or use your website if you use AMP.

TIP:06: Hosting company:

You should learn about different hosting companies from where you will buy your domain and please check few hosting companies of their services, because all hosting company do not provide all services, so check yourself what kind of services you need and choose one better hosting company. Example: If you want to host your website based on Java, you need Java based server, many hosting company do not provide Java based services, does it make sense?

TIP:07: SEO:

You should learn about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization), Google has proper details guide line, by hiring SEO does not mean your website will get top ranking. SEO in website require understanding robots.txt file , Meta tag, sitemap, standard content and properly write these to get ranking or search engine will generate your website if you have followed standard of these feature in your coding. Poor quality or not structured website usually get less rank or less user, that why your knowledge and continuous learning is important.

TIP:08:Meta data:

Website ranking depends upon your content of the website and proper basic technical SEO implementation, you can learn it by yourself, meta tag used for SEO! Meta tag has special functionality, if you write key word in meta tag, search engine can show your site during search by any user of any relevant data if it matches in meta tag.

TIP:09: Stable goal:

You should have a goal to do, all these regular basis to have a solid understanding of website platform that you can start doing activities that user get beneficial support. Now question is what you will do? You can do anything but most important what you love and like, start that thing to write or express in word and publish online that world wide people can read your idea or experiences. And you will get comment and advise to do your writing more better, you can also request your friends to read your content to advise you. By this way you are going to get a platform for yourself.

TIP:10:Learn to selling

Finally, how you will earn it depends upon how rich your content or your product and services how you do marketing to attract user or buyer: you can sell digital product ( e-book: write by yourself etc), Affiliate marketing: when people visit your website they will feel interest product or services you want to promote, You can also sell your own product, this is a basic way people earn money online while user feel trust on your services or product. While your existence is reliable in website, visitor will feel trust on you to use or buy any good thing you refer to them. So finally you can plan to sell a particular product or some specific good quality of product.

TIP:11: Website traffic:

Last but not least, its key point you should get traffic (website visitor or user). The more visitor uses your website it increases traffic and helps you to promote your product and services, and visitor come based on your website content. Based on your traffic you can monetize your website: (1) page view, (2) page impression (3) Selling product to your regular user (4) Affiliate marketing (5) sell your own product or digital book or your article but your platform must be reliable to the user. Once you understood above these points you may start building your website to monetize as well.

Its seems many are earning online easily that's not true, anywhere people earning money, they are spending regular basis time to learn and work and get experienced to generate more revenue. Online earning; it also needs an audience based on what you want to offer, so marketing play great role to target specific audience to offer them some free services and products and some are paying. Remember attention is key factor from audience and you need to reach audience what you are doing that they can buy it. So, please start something, just start do it and do not keep learning only, once you start you can also improve your quality but you have to start right now.


To change your financial life you have to learn some basics about it:

Attention: You need attention from your audience that they read, listen or watch your content. Then you will be able to offer them your service or goods to sell.

Multiple source of income: When a person do job, actually is selling time, but it's better not to trade time for money! And build up multiple source of income by starting new activities.

Selling: Its very very important, you have to learn it and sell. The more you sell you get more, but remember, people only buy from people they know and like, that's why it so so difficult to market something, but do it you you will get positive feedback after certain time.

Discipline: Be disciplined of your everyday work and evaluate regularly.

Online platform: Internet is nowadays main source and platform, so you have to know it, you will get some of its details what to learn from Earn online .

Goal and dream: You should fix your goal, without goal your dream will never successful but its hard work to do regular to reach your goal. By sleeping you can't earn million, you need to build that resources to generate cash flow at the end.

Write: You can write your experiences as word and offer free or sell it with a minimum fee to get some audience.

Be Careful about many online offer and scam, to earn money is not easy as people say, but if you organize plan and work for it you can generate cash flow.

There are many ways to earn money but money is not everything, happiness is only state of mind and your value is important to do anything, never work for money, concentrate principle about life and monetize your values to build up shared platform that everybody can be benefited.


Digital product:

Video content: is most demandable, so you can build anything you like to do make it as video content to provide free or to sell, and ensure quality. Example: tutorial is good in demand.

Podcast: is another great way to build content, people love to listen and watch instead of reading!

eBooks: your content can be as eBooks and paper book to sell.


You can start your own blog and increase great content regular basis and use Google adsense. Based on visitor quantity and if anybody click ad you will get paid, but do not forget to read policies of Google adsense, violation of policies you would be banned from Google adsense. ( Never click ad by yourself, Google has tracking system to check your ip technically)


Consultancy is another great way to start to generate revenue. You can do it without any investment or very low investment. You know better what you like or love and what is your expertise, you can start consultancy based on your knowledge and create an audience to provide the services. Example: Business consultancy.

Selling services:

Selling services like cleaning, IT services, nursing, caring babies, help to shopping etc is way to start earning, you can do it small scale to start, however you need to do marketing or try to get to start it.

Affiliate marketing:

Its to sell others product and get some commission, based on some companies like Amazon you can try to promote their product to get commission.

Selling your own product

You may have some creativity to build something, please check it. If you can build website you can build it and sell. If you are good at handicraft you can also sell to generate money.

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